Figuring Out What’s Next

The kids are at school or they’ve left home, the dog’s not a pup anymore and you’re lamenting the appearance of a few more fine lines.

You might be at the peak of your career but you’re also pondering what’s next. You’re considering new hobbies, interests and, possibly, which countries you’d like to explore, but you’re also concerned about your income when you either retire or transition to part-time work.

Baby Boomers (as your generation is often dubbed) share a disadvantage as a generation. At a time when you’re expected to largely fund your own retirement, you’re in a bit of a pickle. Because compulsory superannuation was introduced late in your working life you might be a little concerned about whether or not you have enough in the kitty to keep you going when you finally leave the workforce.

What you need to know:
  • How to access your super
  • How to maximise your super while you’re still working
  • How to spend your retirement
  • How to reduce your tax bill
  • How to access a pension
  • How to re-gear your investments

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