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We’re proud to be a member of the Godfrey Pembroke network — a national coalition of independent financial advisers who specialise in providing tailored financial advice to clients with complex financial needs.

Godfrey Pembroke’s history

Godfrey Pembroke has been helping Australians grow and enjoy their wealth since 1995, following the merger of two large Australian financial planning groups: Godfrey Weston (established in 1981) and Pembroke Financial Planners (established in 1986).

In July 1999, Godfrey Pembroke joined the MLC family of specialist advisory firms. Together, we became part of the National Australia Bank group in April 2000, significantly expanding the breadth of research and investment solutions available to our clients.

Today, Godfrey Pembroke combines the personalised service and specialist expertise of a boutique adviser with the strength, security and scale that comes from being part of one of Australia’s most trusted financial institutions.

Meanwhile, our growth continues, with over 190 Godfrey Pembroke consultants throughout Australia, and offices in all state capitals and many large regional centres.
By continuing to build on our strengths, we are now better positioned than ever to help you grow, achieve and enjoy more.

What makes Godfrey Pembroke different?

A bespoke plan

Your aspirations for yourself and your family are unique, so it takes a unique plan to achieve them. We individually tailor the financial plan to reflect your goals, preferences and attitudes towards investing.

A holistic view

We take a holistic view of your life and your finances, including aspects like estate planning that you may have overlooked. Even if you engage us for advice on a specific transaction, we’ll always consider the bigger picture.

A partnership for life

Once you are on board as an ongoing client, we’ll continue to work in close partnership with you and your family to make sure you stay on track. We’ll also collaborate with your other professional advisers, such as your personal banker and your accountant, to provide complete financial advice enveloped in total care and respect. Our aim is to partner with you throughout your life to ensure success at every stage of it.

A disciplined investment process

We follow a proven process to develop and implement your customized strategy, designed to give you the optimal balance between risk and reward. We employ some of the best Asset Consultants in the business to ensure that market variables are taken into account and risk has been minimized.

Specialist expertise

Drawing on Godfrey Pembroke’s and the NAB’s extensive research capabilities, we can give you specialized advice on tax-efficient structures and sophisticated wealth management strategies, including trusts, self-managed super, gearing, direct equities, SMA’s and derivative strategies.

Market Opportunities

We can help you access a diverse range of market-leading investment opportunities, from cash investments and fixed interest to direct equities, IPOs, derivatives and alternative investments.

Transparency and integrity

With a transparent, easy to understand fee for each service we provide, you can be confident that our advice is completely independent and unbiased. And because we never take commissions on investment products, you can rest assured that we always put your interests first.

We’re self-employed

While we’re part of the Godfrey Pembroke family, we’re also an independently owned business. So you can be confident that our advice is both personalised and impartial, and that your best interests are our first priority.

We bring you industry-leading insights and opportunities

As members of the Godfrey Pembroke network, we’re supported by one of Australia’s largest financial groups. That means we can bring you specialist insights and opportunities from across the MLC group, including:

  • Institutional calibre asset allocation from Jana.
  • Customised portfolios from ThreeSixty.
  • Independent research from Lonsec, Zenith and Morningstar.
  • Economic analysis and market insights from NAB and JBWere.
  • Investment opportunities and premium solutions from a wide range of providers, including IPOs and exclusive opportunities not generally available to individual investors.

We offer a transparent fee for service

In 2006, Godfrey Pembroke led the industry in introducing a transparent fee-for-advice model. When you engage us, we’ll clearly set out the fees you can expect to pay and the benefits you can expect receive in return, only acting with your explicit approval. And we never take commissions on investment products from the financial institutions that provide them.

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