Life Plan eAdvisor ™

What is eAdvisor™?
Life Plan Financial Advisors are always available to meet with you at a convenient time and location (e.g. home, your or our office, cafe) to discuss how we can help. We found that our clients are always looking for ways to maximise efficiency and increase quality time with their families.

We responded by creating eAdvisor™ – an online virtual meeting for time poor busy individuals that need answers to their financial questions in a convenient manner.

With eAdvisor™ we cut out the travel time and use online capabilities such as Skype or Go To Meeting to have our first obligation session remotely.

eAdvisor™ is a direct line to a professional Life Plan Financial Advisor to see if financial advice will be of value to your situation.

What do I need to access eAdvisor™?

All you need is a computer with internet connection and up to 30 minutes of your time. Having questions you would like answers to on the ready is also handy.

What happens during our virtual meeting?

In 30 minutes we are ‘all ears’ and able to answer questions you may have such as:

  • What’s a good way for me to ensure I hit my savings target?
  • What type of insurances does my family need? How much will it cost?
  • What’s the best way to invest my savings for maximum return? How much do a need as a minimum to invest?
  • How much money do I need to retire comfortably?
  • What is an SMSF and do I need one?
  • What happens next?

We will outline our services, how much it costs and how we can add value.

If you are happy with what you hear we can continue with the process in matching the right advice to your needs. After all, everyone has different goals and aspirations. We will talk to you about options regarding a face to face meeting or continuing the process formally online if this is more convenient to you.

Is it truly obligation free?

Absolutely. This is a strategy we are looking at to make life easier for our time poor clients. We do not engage in ‘sales’. If you don’t think our Financial Advisors can add value we will not continuously contact you. Our Financial Advisors are busy professionals themselves. Their moto is to ‘help you live well and take care of your family’ and we obide by this earnestly.

Disclaimer: Please note, the conversation during the virtual session will be general in nature. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs as we will not have all the information we need to provide formal advice in this forum. If you wish to make changes to your financial situation a personal advice session is recommended before proceeding with any potential strategies outlined in the virtual meeting.

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